Tournament CAPPL IX - Player Signups [Custom Avatar Prize] [Draft @ Sunday 11AM -4]

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wouldn't that be fine, dear
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Name: Lily
Tiers Played/Interested In: SV, SS, SM
Non-Player Roles: I'm really good at being fed teams and not building my own ones (i promise i'll try but i will need support)
Foreseeable Inactivity: All good
CAPPL IX - Player Signups

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Art by Shadowshocker

With our policy and manager signup threads wrapped up, it's time to open signups for CAP Premier League IX! By signing up, you'll be added to the pool of players who will be auctioned off to one of the six following teams:

View attachment 519275 spoo and D2TheW, with the Heart Attack Hemogoblins View attachment 519275
:dedenne: Leru and Stone Cold, with Dave's Dedennes :dedenne:
:venomicon-epilogue: Wulfanator and SHSP, with the Vengeful Venomicons :venomicon-epilogue:
:naviathan: dex and lax, with the Noble Naviathans :naviathan:
:great tusk: Dj Breloominati♬ and RaJ.Shoot, with the No Fucks Great Tusks :great tusk:
:mollux: Clementine and Fragments, with the Mollux Stocks :mollux:
Once teams are drafted, managers will pick a roster of eight players to submit to me before the start of the coming week. If a player is listed in a roster and is unable to schedule a time with their opponent, substitutions may be granted. As this is a team tournament there will be no extensions. The formats to be played are as follows:


Over the course of the tournament, each team will play one another in a round-robin fashion. At the end of the fifth week, the team with the best record is guaranteed a spot in the finals, while the second and third placed teams face off in a week-long semifinal round. All standard tournament rules apply. Since this is a team tournament I do feel it necessary to emphasize the illegality of ghosting. Do not try to help any teammate during their games, or take any action that might influence a player's decision. Trades will be allowed during the tournament, so long as both managers and both players agree to the trade. Any player who is traded cannot play a match during the week of the trade.

To sign up, please make a post in the following format:
Tiers Played/Interested In:
Non-Player Roles:
Foreseeable Inactivity:
Signups will be open until Sunday, June 4th at 11:59pm GMT-5.​
NAame: Etharia
Tiers Played/Interested In: Interested in any tier, but don't expect me to be any good at any of them
Non-Player Roles: N/A
Forseeable Inactivity: Busy for 4-5 hours a day except on Friday, Saturday, and Monday


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Name: SparksBlade
Tiers Played/Interested In: All
Non-Player Roles: crying (i'll steal/remake teams to help test)
Foreseeable Inactivity: 2nd half of June might have less activity, not certain atm
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